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Travel season is upon us! We’ve done travel posts in the past and we’ve repeated some of our favorite items because they are our tried and true favorites. But we’ve also added some new items we want you to know about. They are the items we never leave on a trip without!  For our permanent FabList of travel items, look here on our website. Safe travels!




Bose Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones: These are awesome – comfortable, noise canceling, great sound quality, and long battery life. Watch shows, listen to podcasts/audible or connect to the inflight entertainment system using an AirFly.  Or just put them on to block out the sound of those around you!  AirPods are also nice to have along for walking around town or working out.

Kindle: Yes, you can read on your iPad or phone, but the battery life and size of the Kindle makes carrying it worth it.

IPad: Download movies and TV series before takeoff (download more than you think you’ll need as you often can’t download when overseas and you’ll need some for the return flight). You can also do crossword puzzles and play solitaire and other games on it.

Apple AirTags:  Keep an eye on your stuff at all times!  Tuck one into your checked bag (if you check) and pop one into your purse/backpack so you’ll always know where your bags are!

Power Brick with Charger Cords Built In:  No more searching for the right cords when using your power brick, as this one includes the cables in it, as well as  having the wall plug built in as well making for easy charging.

Universal Adapter: No matter trying to figure out which adapters to bring on a trip. You just need to bring one adapter along as this one work in more than 170 countries. Plus the bright color means you won’t lose it or leave it behind.

Cord Case:  We’ve tried lots of different options for carrying cords! Chrissie loves her puffer one  (meant to be a cosmetics bag)  as it’s super lightweight, let’s her easily see what’s inside (the inside is pink fyi) and doesn’t get lost in her backpack or bag. Another one like it here, in pink, with outer pockets as well. This Cotopaxi bag is also a great choice that Jo loves and a bonus is that it’s got different compartments to separate cords from charger etc.

Travel Apps:

Timeshifter:  The Ramsays swear by this app that helps prevent jet lag and control your circadian rhythms.  Simply enter your flight information and the app creates a custom plan of when to do what to control fatigue with respect to light, sleep, and caffeine.

Splitwise:  Traveling with a group and need to keep track of expenses?  This is the best app for that!  Input who paid for what and it easily computes who owes what to whom, letting you easily settle up all at once at the end of the trip!

Trip It:  Trip It creates an itinerary of your trip – your flight reservations, car bookings, restaurant reservations, museum bookings, etc . . . Simply forward the confirmations to the app and it organizes everything into a neat timeline and let’s you have everything in one place.

Google Maps:  Within the app, it’s fun to create a saved map for each city you visit (or plan to visit) with all the sights, restaurants, etc marked on it. . . and it’s easy to share with others.

Chat GPT:  Looking for a 3 day itinerary for a trip to the North Pole?  Simply ask Chat GPT!  It will spit out the plan for you and you can ask it to refine it to include restaurants, shopping…and even polar bear watching!


Plane Comfort Items:

Turtl Neck Pillow: Chrissie relies on this neck support item to sleep on planes. It has a built-in support against which you can rest your head in an upright position and it doesn’t give her a neck ache like the ‘donut’ headrests, plus is less bulky to travel with.

Eye Pillow: Block out bright light and get a pleasant sleep!

Small Crossbody Bag: Wear this on the flight so you always have your passport, Airpods, medicines, and phone within easy (and safe) reach. Once you land it can be worn, or thrown into a bigger bag as needed. Or if you need to check a larger bag at a museum, for example, you can still carry this one with your essential items close to you.

Serenity In-Flight Tray Organizer: Chrissie puts this on her tray table before takeoff, filling it with her Kindle, laptop, water bottle, snacks, and whatever else she wants easy access to during the flight. No more stashing things in that disgusting seat pocket (ewwww…) or keeping things under the seat where you can’t reach them without performing gymnastic moves. And the founders are friends!  Read more about them here!

Owala FreeSip Water Bottle: Apparently this is the new ‘IT” water bottle and people love it as it has both a ‘sip’ and a ‘swig’ option, a handle that hides away, keeps things cold for 24 hours, and comes in over 20 colorways. Be sure to bring one to fill up in the airport once you’re past security.

Big Scarf:  Perfect for keeping warm or for balling up to use as a pillow.

Ottoman: Jo likes to buy bulkhead seats and use her blow-up ottoman to put her legs up on long flights!


Compression Socks: Keep your ankles from swelling and your legs from getting achy and tired.

Medicine/Pill Box: Fill the convenient little box (and label it with provided labels) with all the basics and throw it in your carry-on (or cross-body for easy access).  We each gave them to our kids and husbands to have on hand at all times!



Away / Quince Carry-on Expandable Roller Bags: We don’t like to check bags if we don’t have to.  We both have an Away carry-on, or you can get the Quince knock off which is basically the exact same suitcase at ⅓ of the price.  They roll super well, fit into most overhead compartments (some of those European flights are stricter about super small bags…), and expand a bit if you come home from your trip with a little more than you left with!

Visitag Luggage Tags:  These are so fun and practical!  Put you last name on it and your bag will be easy to spot. You can have them made in all kinds of color combos (college colors are fun)!

Fold Up Tote:  If you like to do a little bit of shopping on the way, make sure to tuck in an extra tote! We like this one because it’s sturdy enough to check as baggage on the way home.


Backpack/Totepack: We both LOVE the Uniqlo totepack for travel.  It loops over the handle of the Away suitcase and rides nicely on top.  Once you arrive it can be used as a backpack or a tote and it fits much more than you would think it does!  If it’s of stock (it’s super popular) be sure to put yourself on the waitlist – it’s that good!  Another good one is the Neoprene backpack from Quince.  It’s a knock-off of the much more expensive Dagne Dover pack but at half the price. With a built-in laptop sleeve, detachable pouch for valuables, and ample pockets to keep you organized, this backpack is a great go-to. Did we mention how much we’re loving the super flexible, recycled neoprene fabric and luggage-handle sleeve on the back?

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes: One reason we can get away with carry-on only is by packing our clothes in these packing cubes!  Invest in good ones like these with sturdy zippers – the zippers get taxed from the compression and you’ll be depressed (not compressed!) if you have cheap zippers that break!

Luggage Scale: This is good to have so you don’t go over the weight limit and have to pay extra for bags! (This is especially good if traveling with daughters who typically over pack 🙂

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Joanne & Chrissie

Chrissie and Joanne love discovering, curating and creating. They developed FabList as a place to share their favorite finds with you.

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